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The Beaches of Exuma

Moriah Harbour Cay

Do not miss a visit to Moriah Harbour Cay. This precious jewel is a nationally designated Marine Park that extends to 13000+ acres just a short distance North of Hartswell  in Great Exuma. Valerie has the kayaks ready to start this adventure.
Its Northern shore is almost entirely soft sand beach and small hidden bays all overlooking the warm blue ocean. As the tide goes down it exposes sand islands and sand bars almost as far as Man O War Cay, the next deserted island.
The chances are that you can spend an entire day here and have the  island to yourselves.

On the south side is a large lake which is a nursery for small sea creatures such as baby rays, crabs, bait fish of many species including baby sharks.  Walk along the lake’s edge in the shallow waters and you will attract the predators as they approach to see what is disturbing the water. They will come within a foot or so if you stand still, then turn and shoot off at high speed when they realize your size.

The western end of Moriah Harbour Cay is beautiful soft sand with offshore waters that are strongly affected by the tide, providing a strong current. Try lying in the water and allow the current to take you parallel to the beach for some distance.
This is the location where the kite boarders thrive when the wind picks up…thrilling to watch. 

Tropic of Cancer Beach

Tropic of Cancer Beach is located on Little Exuma and is probably one of the longer beaches. Take Percy Road off the Queens Highway along an unpaved road. At the end, turn right to the wooden stand at the beach entrance, and there it is, extending at least half a mile in either direction, where the water temperature is rarely below  70 degrees. 

Hoopers Bay Beach

Hoopers Bay is 4 miles West of George Town. Walk down to the soft sand beach.  When you walk to the end  you will see  docks in the water,  that is where you will find the family of turtles. Take some lettuce with you and they will let you hand feed them. If you have an underwater camera be careful or they will come and take a bite at it.
This is a good choice for a visit if there is a wind from the East

Cocoplum Beach

Cocoplum Beach is located a few miles West of Steventon directly off the Queens Highway.  This extensive beach has built up a popular reputation because of the sand bars that appear at low tide. Its other attraction is the sand dollars that wash ashore. The grey ones are still live creatures so please return them to the sea, but you may keep a few white ones as souvenirs 

Chat N Chill Beach

To reach Chat N Chill Beach you need a boat. You can rent one for the day from Minns Water Sports or take  the water taxi from town.
The restaurant is covered in another section of our website; the comments relate to the beach, and what a beautiful beach it is!
Your strongest memory will undoubtedly be the rays. There is a family of rays here; the large ones are the females, the smaller the males. Get some conch scraps and they will feed from your hand. Feel their skin; the underside is white and feels like silk. 
On this beach are three volley ball courts which are usually busy with the many boaters who visit our shores. Get involved and burn off some of those calories you just consumed in the restaurant 

Pretty Molly Bay

Pretty Molly Bay is located about one mile from the bridge that joins Great Exuma to Little Exuma. This small and charming bay is protected by a rocky outcrop at both ends, giving shelter from any wind and keeping the waters calm.

Pretty Molly Bay Exuma