Bahamas Vacation Cottages

Serene and Beautiful…. Valerie the homeowner is EXCEPTIONAL!

My wife and I stayed here 06/28 for 8 days. The cottages are perfect! No frills, but Very clean and had every amenity you could need on this beautiful island. gas stove, refrigerator, fan, TV, a dock with kayaks. access to a washer. The AC was incredible! We have been all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean and have never had ac work as well as here. It really makes the stay enjoyable. My wife and I would go out in the morning and not return until sunset (sunburnt), we would leave the ac off or up and the minute you enter and turn it on the rooms are quickly cooled. I know this is a lot to say over something that many people could careless about, but it made sleeping so nice.

The pool is much larger than the pictures show it as, and we had it to ourselves every night but one and the other couple were very nice. At night incredible views of the milky way, laying on the loungers around the pool, starring straight up. We brought steaks with us and bbq’d on the grill, saving us some bux and enjoying some of the best meals. Although, the island does have some really good places to eat (February Point and Lattitudes)! Valerie is a great host she will make sure you have what you need, or she will point you in the right direction

I know this has nothing to do with the cottages, but I need to warn you: We rented a 17 foot boat at Minns, It was bare bones at best. In order to get in and on the boat to snorkel, it had a 2 step ladder with no railing. It made it very difficult to get in and out, holding on to the hot motor and throwing yourself onboard. No lighter for charging a phone or music player.. bummer.

The location of the cottages is perfect, it’s just enough away from Georgetown, but far enough west for close access to some of the best beaches in the world. We took a 3 mile trip to Little Exuma (4 times) to our favorite beach (Forbes Hill). I almost feel guilty putting it out here, don’t want others to be there when we are. We saw 6 people on one day and the rest were just us. This is the most amazing secluded , yet easy to get to, beach I have ever been on, and I have been to many many islands!!!

The cottages are no frills, but super clean, well kept, the grounds are beautiful, We will be back, thank you Valerie!

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