Bahamas Vacation Cottages

Absolutely amazing!

We stayed in Exuma for 2 week on Val’s gorgeous property and enjoyed every second of it. From the dogs, to the greenery, the water front, pool and of course, our host!

We had never been here before and didn’t want to book a regular hotel. We wanted to live out the Bahamian experience and truly got to do so here. It is beautiful, quiet and remote, offering us all of the peace of mind we had been craving. Val is an amazing host and made us feel so comfortable within the first day of our arrival.

The place itself is well-kept, clean and offers a home-like feeling. We loved the kayaks and often went down to the dock just to walk along the water or see the sunset and stars. Just don’t forget to cover up as those mosquitoes will start to feast! Bug spray alone will not work if your skin is exposed. Val and her neighbor Sandy were sweet enough to offer us all kinds of help with that including calamine and allergy medicine. They were so kind and were always wiling to offer us a helping hand. For instance, we couldn’t rent a car as it requires us to be a minimum of 25 years of age, due to insurance policies. Thankfully, Sandy and Val would offer to drive us into town to get our groceries! They also offered advice whenever we had questions or needed guidance, enhancing our vacation experience on so many levels.

We would recommend this cottage to anyone who is looking to enjoy a peaceful time in Exuma living one day at a time in the purpose of enjoying the island’s beauty.

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