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Our Top 10 Exuma Recommendations

Here are our favourite things to see and do in Exuma.
Some are well known, some not so well known. Have a look around as we have included photos, videos, information and links.
They are in no particular order of preference.

1. Explore Moriah Harbour Cay

The deserted island of Moriah Harbour Cay lies just half a mile offshore from our cottages and we provide you the means to get there. The Cay extends for more than 13,000+ acres and includes miles of soft sand beaches on the North and West sides, with mangroves and rocky shore on the East and South.

You can walk the shoreline, stop for a swim in the warm blue ocean. You can explore the large lake in the center of the island which is a nursery for small fish, nurse sharks, rays and turtles. If you want to get away for the day, let the stresses of modern life fade away and commune with nature, these are the best beaches of all Exuma and it is likely that you will not see another person, as few have the opportunity to visit

That last video was filmed at the Western end of Moriah Harbour Cay and as you can see, at low tide there are large sandbars, which attract  bonefish, which in turn attract the keen anglers who walk the flats seeking these elusive fish.

Click here to go to a page devoted to just some of the beautiful beaches that line the shores of ExumaHarbour

2. Bonefishing in Exuma

Bonefish are elusive, skittish, difficult to see and present the anglers with a considerable challenge. Here in Exuma the young fish live and move in shoals making them easier to see and catch. These fish are predominantly found on the southside of Exuma. As bonefish mature they become solitary creatures and then they move, many to the shallows off the southern shore of Moriah Harbour Cay. Which is why many keen anglers stay at Valerie’s cottages.

Click Here for more on Bonefishing. 

3. Eating Out in Exuma

You are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out.
We have numerous bars and grills along our shoreline, each with its own style and amazing views of the ocean. Some days you may drive to a beach,  have a swim, then move on to a beachside restaurant to try their speciality, which may be lobster, or  grouper freshly caught. Other days you may decide to dine beneath the stars at a gourmet destination. It’s all available.

click here for more restaurant details. 

4. Self Drive Boat Rental

Minns Water Sports located in George Town has a fleet of 17ft  to 22ft rental boats,  mostly Boston Whalers. These nimble craft are for you to drive and explore Elizabeth Harbour. Here you will have snorkel spots to explore, beaches to visit, sand bars to walk and find sand dollars and lunch at one of many locations.

Click here for more on boat rentals

5. Swimming Pigs Trip

Without doubt, the most talked about experience in the Exumas for the last few years has been the swimming pigs trip. It is   an all day boat trip that wends its way through the island chain, with stops to see and feed Iguanas, to explore Thunderball Cave, to touch or swim with a shoal of Nurse Sharks, and of course visit and see the famous swimming pigs.

click here for more about this and other unforgettable trips

6. Kayaking in Exuma

Want some exercise to justify that hearty meal you’re planning for later?  Then take one of the cottage’s kayaks and explore the calm waters between Valerie’s dock and Moriah Harbour Cay and Man O’ War Cay. This quiet means of transport will not scare the turtles or the rays, or if you are really lucky, the dolphins. 

7. Scuba Diving in Exuma

The team to contact if scuba is your thing is Exuma Scuba. With years of experience they know where the best wall dives are. They know where to find the large Nassau Grouper, and they are waiting for your phone call.

8. Jet Ski Trips in Exuma

The calm waters surrounding the many islands are a perfect setting for a Jet Ski trip. You can rent one to explore and have a great day out.
Click here for more information.

9. Exploring in Exuma

Whether it’s exploring the islands of Great Exuma and Little Exuma by rental car, or exploring the Exuma Cays by boat, each can become a memorable way to spend a day. Check this video of a boat trip through the islands. It could be you in that boat!

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