Bahamas Vacation Cottages

Swimming Pigs Trip & Other Excursions

The Swimming Pigs trip has really caught the imagination of vacationers, for good reason. It’s an all-day trip starting with a pick up from town at 7.30 a.m., then a bus ride to Barre Terre where you board your boat and off you go. 
Weaving your way through the islands, You  will see the luxury homes that some of the world’s richest have built as their retreat: Stars such as Johnny Depp, Faith Hill, David Copperfield, the Aga Khan to name but a few.
Then a stop at a deserted island to see the Bahamian Iguanas found nowhere else in the world. Next stop, the famous swimming pigs will come out to greet the boat and hope to get fed. Don’t forget these are wild animals so do not tease them or you could get bitten. 
Off you go to Staniel Cay where you are invited to explore the famous Thunderball Cave. Featured in a James Bond film, the cave has a large hole in the top which allows light to shine down and illuminate the fish filled waters below. Lunch will be at one of several restaurants in the area, then on to the Nurse Sharks. These large but lazy creatures, some 20 or more, will allow you to swim with them and feel their sandpaper skin. If you don’t want to swim then they will place their heads on the dock for your close attention.
After a long day, as dusk falls the boat heads for home with  cameras full of precious memories.

There are several companies doing the trip, but there is no need to book before you arrive on island. Wait and choose the best weather day.